Mid January grind

in a weeks time!


January is a time we all get to rest and be with families before school starts again, more hallmark holidays come up on the calendar and the outlook of the year dawns on us.

Instrumental Angels has not had time to sit still this January! We have had many donations come in from our generous donors. This week we received one clarinet, one saxophone, one amplifier, one guitar stand, one guitar case, two guitars, two trumpets, and two music stands! Some of these items are in great condition and ready to be donated to children in need. Other instruments will soon be heading out to be assessed and repaired by our partner organizations.


… all of these music stands!

This week, six portable music stands and one clarinet will be going to an after school music program in Lawrence, MA.

Thank you to our generous donors and partners for helping children in need explore their musical talents.

Welcome New Board Member...

2015-10-23 15.35.24-1.jpg

Give a warm welcome to Diane Meehan!

Diane is the founder of EML Consulting, where she helps small businesses see the forest when they are bogged down in the trees. Armed with a Master’s degree in Counseling and years of social work management experience, Diane took on a new path when she decided to launch a small branch of Paint Nite in 2013. Within 2 years, she grew from one local branch to over a dozen across 9 different states. She was consistently ranked in the top 5% of Paint Nite licensees across the country and grew her social painting business to over $6 million in sales in less than 5 years. Now Diane applies her “figure it out” mentality to her clients and supports them to implement scalable, actionable processes. Diane is passionate about the musical arts since she has been singing & acting in community theater since age 8, and is thrilled that her 3 daughters are following the same path.

You can find out more about what she does on Pepperlane!

Spreading the love, receiving thanks


Cultivating music

one instrument at a time

This student sent this thank you card and photo of herself with the flute she received through Instrumental Angels.  Thank you to the donor of the flute and to Berklee College of Music students for the flute repairs. The student recently relocated from Nicaragua to Texas and is involved in her school band.  We wish the student the very best in her flute musical journey!

We have been busy…

We have been putting a list together of what we have been doing since beginning our foundation. Be on the lookout for more blog posts with our accomplishments!

  • Donated a guitar, guitar case, music stand, picks, folder and more to a child in foster care in Worcester, MA.