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Schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods continue to cut music and the humanities budgets. Resulting in more and more kids being denied the emotional and intellectual benefits of learning to play an instrument.

Please support us in our efforts to give these students an opportunity. Your tax-deductible donation is needed to help cover the cost of instrument repair, refurbishing, scholarships, and accessories.




Instrument repairs are essential to instrument ownership. We give every one of our instruments a thorough cleaning, updating, adjustment, overhaul (if needed), and lots of love before they are sent off to our customers. Every young musician deserves a well functioning, well maintained instrument.

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We are looking to build a scholarship fund for instruments, accessories and parts in the future. We must start fundraising now to support the young artists of the future.

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Keeps music alive

Most importantly, your dollar donation keeps music alive. It places instruments in student’s hands and keeps art and culture alive in our towns.